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Academic Programs

At Digital Tech, students are part of a small, selective community that fosters both their academic and creative talents. In addition to offering a rigorous college preparatory program, students acquire the prerequisite skills needed to pursue careers in the fields of digital art, film and technology. Through customized academic programs and personalized instruction, students receive the supports necessary to succeed in college and beyond. In addition to the regular New York City Department of Education graduation requirements, students are expected to complete four years of math, four years of science, four years in their designated arts track, and to participate in community service.

Students in the OneGoal program create and implement the 3-year college success model. The program begins in the junior year of high school and students are given support until they finish their first year of college. Students are supported through methods to increase their GPA's and standardized test scores to access more selective and supportive colleges and identify their best-fit college application lists. The program supports five leadership principles: ambition, integrity, professionalism, resilience and resourcefulness.

Other Academic Programs offered at Digital Tech:​

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a college and career preparatory program aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards. It is a system that accelerates student learning using research based methodologies and materials. An AVID Elective class is built into every AVID student's schedule. AVID students learn essential tools and skills to successfully organize to meet the rigors of college education and learning. AVID students go on multiple college trips and participate in team building activities.

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