Students admitted to Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School choose between the two arts tracks: Digital Arts or Cinema Production. They will then embark on an intensive study and production course sequence.

In each track, students will learn fundamental and complex concepts/skills necessary in the respective fields, while simultaneously being provided the time, support and reflection to develop their artistic body of work.


In a blend of art and computer science, digital art students will develop their artistic, design and technology skills using industry-standard software and devices. Through creative problem-solving, exposure to S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) content and critical reflection, students will gain conceptual knowledge while building a sophisticated portfolio for college and/or creative

technology-based career.

  • Freshman Foundations in Digital Media: 

    • ​Projects: Digital Collage and Photography

  • Sophomore Digital Illustration Foundations:

    • Projects: Character & Setting Design, Digital Comic Book, Stop Motion and Digital Animations

  • Junior Computer Science Foundations:

    • Projects: Website, Mobile App, Video Game, Robotics, and Computer Aided Drawing  

  • Senior Digital Art Production:

    • Projects: Internship, Portfolio, Design History, Branding, Client Design, and Capstone ​


Students are immersed in the art and craft of digital filmmaking through a balance of classroom instruction and hands-on production experiences. This program instills the skills needed for students to write, produce, direct, and edit their own films. In crews, students take on the role of production manager, director of photography, camera operator, sound mixer, grip/electric, etc. Everyone is exposed to extensive experiences needed to compete in today’s marketplace.

  • Freshman Digital Cinema Production/Year 1:

    • Projects: Shoot a Scene/Continuity Project 1

  • Sophomore Digital Cinema Production/Year 2:

    • Projects: A Day in the Life/Teacher Documentary and Student Choice Documentary

  • Junior Digital Cinema Production/Year 3:

    • Projects: Representation of Race and Gender in Media and Student Choice Fiction Film 

  • Senior Digital Cinema Production/Year 4:

    • Projects: Internship and Thesis film

Program Sequence
Program Sequence

Digital Arts & Cinema Technology High School

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